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Hello Again,
I have since had an email from my stepfather telling me that my mother will be discharged on Saturday from the facility she's been in since March in Venice, FL. I guess that is good news for us all, as for awhile we didn't think she'd ever get back home.
She and Dad will be home in Englewood FL for 2-3 weeks pending her condition and the purchase of a van with a lift. If everything goes well, they will drive up to their house in New York State for the Summer, as usual. Plans for the Fall are open.
My mother's condition is "uneven". She has days when she's very lucid and alert and others when she is quite confused. However, at this point, Dad says she has more good days than bad and he won't put her in a nursing home environment. He doesn't think she would last very long, based on her attitude and behavior concerning that care. She has never wanted to be in one.
So, I think that is a nice Mother's Day present to all of us in the family!

It sounds as if you've all been enjoying a special day!! Take care. Lynne

Ruby Princess
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