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Same with the cruise lines. When you sign for your tickets you are in effect signing a contract. Later, you want to pick and choose what you will honor or not, after all, its only a flimsy, not to be taken seriously, silly, my option or not contract. Now...If and when the cruise line decides to do that, for example, missing a Port or changing a Port schedule...all of a sudden that SAME Contract becomes the Holy Grail!


It's amazing how many people do not have the slightest clue as to what the contract really says.

"The cruise line may alter the itinerary, including omission or change of any port of call, at its discression, with no further obligation to the passenger."

"The cruise line may refuse passage to any passenger who is medically unfit for travel, or may disembark any passenger who becomes medically unfit for travel in any port of call, with no further obligation to such passenger."

"The cruise line may disemabark any passenger whose conduct is disruptive, abusive, or threatening, or whose presence is a danger to himself/herself or to any other passenger or to members of the crew, in any port of call, with no further obligation to such passenger."

The Contract of Passage of every major cruise line contains this or similar wording.

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