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big apple & hcat,

big apple: The same holds true for any cruise dates that are during xmas vacation for the kids and yes they do run wild ,at least many of them do,and in particular on Carnival ships.Book it if you are willing to put up with thisNot for this avid cruiser.

hcat: Hope you enjoy it--We got stuck on an Easter cruise one yr--Easter came early & we had no clue when we booked it. It was on Royal carib & many of the kids really did run wild....spolied alot of things--art auctions, eating at the specialty rest, nightly entertainment, etc. But if that is when you like to travel or you are with kids yourself--go for it! We try to avoid it based on that experience. The ship & itin were excellent but the unsupervised children were a real nightmare.

Celebrity draws a very different crowd than Carnival, and probably also a different crowd than Royal Caribbean. There probably will be families on Celebrity cruises during the holiday periods, but the children probably will be very well behaved.

I would not hesitate to book a cruise on Celebity during the holiday periods.

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