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Once again I owe Fern a thanks for backing me up. A lot of times, we response to posts without really reading them. I knew that he was very short to his cruise date, and I knew he had a passport and it was expired. I also knew what to do. I didn't need to tell him to renew it after he gets back, because he didn't ask us if he should.

Irish, It is Homeland Security. Try Googling it to see for yourself. The reason the expired works now is that you do not need a passport to go to Mexico yet. ( For Europe you do and have for many years.) It is a lot of this and that so I won't try to explain, but right now, HOMELAND SECURITY requires the cruise lines to show proof of citizenship. This can be done either through a passport, or Birth Certificate. They also need to prove if someone is only a visitor in the US, or if they are living here part time, or etc.

And for the record, when you do your fun pass, if the date of issue is not on the drop down then you only need to by pass the whole section, so that the computer will over ride it. This info came straight from Carnival. I have done it 4 times now, and it works like a charm.

Yes, I know that I need to renew my passport, and I will do so as soon as the go ahead is given, due to my hubby's line of work.

I hope that this will help in some way.

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