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Any advise on the Eagle Preserve Float & Lynn Fjord cruise? And, what is the difference between the above and the Eagle Preserve Wildlife River Adventure? Will I see more on the Glacier Point Wilderness Safari?

I would like to see the most in natural beauty and most wildlife.

For natural beauty, take the ride on the White Pass & Yukon Route. This narrow gauge railroad cuts through some of the most specacular terrain in the world. Built by pick and shovel to haul miners and supplies during the Yukon Gold Rush, it remains a true marvel of civil engineering even by modern standards. The views from the line between Skagway and the Canadian border are spectacular.

You probably will have time to do the ride on the Whiet Pass & Yukon Route and another tour while the ship is in Skagway. Just be sure to allow an hour or so between the return time of the first tour and the departure time of the second tour so you'll have time to grab some lunch.

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