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Dave The Wave. my first car in 1968 was a black 59 beetle with a hole in the floor board..wired open the heating vents to defrost the lower corner on my windows and had to reach my arm around to scrape off the ice and drive at the same time..Paid $29 for an AM radio from Radio Shack..had a 36 horsepower engine (water cool)..thru a quart of oil in it once a 49 miles to a gallon before I went to the reserve tank..went 5 miles an hour up a hill after getting a running start and the very first time I ever "got passed 1st base with a girl " was in the back seat... had 219,000 miles before it died on the New York thruway in 1973 in the middle of the worse snow storm of the this was when all my classmates parent's had paid for their first car..mustang, camero, firebird etc..all the good looking girls didn't want to be seen in the daylight with me..but then..I purchased a brand new Datsun 240Z (lime yellow)..all of a sudden I was popular but I made a promise that if they didn't want to ride in my beetle, they could not ride in my "Z"

ah yes, those were the days, but I had a heck of alot of fun in the beetle when I took it to Woodstock..In those days if you owed a Micro Beetle, you were really a "hippie"

Dave..did you hear that VW is going to re-introduce the Micro Bus next year ?
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