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Default Sea Days/Port Days, that is The Question!

What is your favorite, port days, or days at sea? Does the thought of getting off to investigate a port, get you all excited, with a tour, shopping, water sports, etc.................OR, does the thought of staying onboard, having a quiet ship to yourself, with great service, strike your fancy? Another shop, another tour, no way!

I think this part of my question, is geared mainly to crusiers who have been to a port many times before, so the dew is off the rose so to speak.

Now, another one to ponder....Some cruises like a trans Atlantic, or a Hawaii cruise, that, starts off in the mainland, have many, many days at sea. Would you get antsy, and feel confined, and need a port badly, or would you be in cruise heaven, with time to unwind and enjoy an extended time at sea?

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