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Default How to Put a Countdown Clock in Your Posts

Here are instructions to put a Cruisemates Countdown Clock in your posts.

To insert a clock into your posts you can follow these steps to place it into your "Signature". Once in your Signature it will appear in all of your posts that you have made and will make.

To access your Profile just click the User CP n in the upper, left side of the screen. On the left side will be menu options: Click Edit Signature and insert the EXACT text below into the signature. This will give you a clock that says you are sailing on February 2, 2012 at 4:00 p.m. on the Coral Princess.

[img][/img]Coral Princess

To make it your own change the month from 02 to the month you are sailing. The 2012 to the year you are sailing. 02 to the day your are sailing and the 16:00 (military time) to the hour you are sailing. Change the ship name to the ship you are sailing. The numbers and the ship name are the only things you should change.

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