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Our illustrious leader - Stephen Harper - even picked up some of our earstwhile travellers in his own plane and brought them home - nice ride at taxpayers (read mine!) expense. One women complained about her evacuation aboard ship - out of Lebanon. She was upset because people were "vomiting". Duh - it was a ship - at sea. Even on chushy cruise ships people vomit. She said it was so bad (she lacked a generous supply of food and drink) she wished she was back under the streets of Lebanon with the bombs. Maybe they could drop her off on their next trip back to pick up those that want to leave. I get so mad!!!!

Texasmunk - I don't think "personal responsibilty" even exists anymore. Maybe they need to start teaching it in school. Imagine a person actually being repsonsible for themselves and/or family. Interesting concept - though I doubt it will catch on. The lawyers would get upset at the very thought lol.

TTFN Jennifer
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