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There is apparently a lot of confusion going on with this cruise from what I have been reading on various boards. What I do see universally is a lack of decent information coming out of Celebrity's customer service. One person spoke to three different people and got three different answers. This is not just one person complaining but many including TAs. It looks like no one can get a straight answer.

Yes. I'm hearing through the grapevine that the staff at Celebrity's call centers range from very good to totally clueless, but this also could be just another symptom of what seems to be a much bigger problem with miscommunication in the line's headquarters. Many of the problems with communication have surfaced in other threads on this board, so I won't rehash them here, but it seems to be an ongoing problem. Nonetheless, I may well show up at the next annual stockholders' meeting and ask the top dogs why the company can't get its act together, citing these examples.

In any case, those who are booked should proceed on the assumption that GTS Constellation is still scheduled to go to the Caribbean on 13 April 2007 until there's official word otherwise.

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