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Originally Posted by leeanner
G'day , we are absolutley delighted Randy that you made contact , my only previous cruise was with Carnival Pride , LA to Mexico.
I have been bitten by the bug , there is a whole world out there and my little one and I are gonna see as much as we can.
Im very jelous you are on the world tour , but we will make the most of the short trip we have on this most magnificent Ship.
I cant wait to dress our best for dinner and just enjoy the ambience , oh and the company , the food , the entertainment , perhaps even a cocktail before dinner.

Did you know we sail into Sydney Harbour , the same day as the QE2 , the harbour will be not only as beautiful as ever but very very busy!
Ive done the virtual tour of the QM2 and think I know it like the back of my hand already , sounds like you have travelled before ?
Any tips , the weather in San Francisco cold ?
What to do in Pagp Pago , so many questions , perhaps we should just leave this to fate.

I assume your from Amercia Randy / Mary ?
Would be very happy to exchange personal emails if you wish.
Lee-Anne and Maddison.
Hi Lee-Anne and Maddison,

Great to hear from you! Yes, we live in Florida in the U.S. We would be happy to exchange email addresses. I THINK you can click on the Email button below this message to send an email, but I'm not very familiar with this board.

We are aware that the QM2 and QE2 plan to "meet up" in Sydney Harbour. I read on another board that the QE2 will be docking at Circular Quay, while the QM2 will be docked at a Naval shipyard nearby. I think they plan to meet when it's time for QM2 to depart in the evening. Knowing how beautiful the Quay is anyway, this should be a terrific event.

We have cruised a fair amount, but never with Cunard, so we are very much looking forward to being onboard the QM2. As to San Francisco in "our" winter, it can be cold, so perhaps plan to "layer" clothes just in case.

Please do email and we look forward to getting to know you and then meeting you on QM2!

Randy and Mary
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