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Hummm, where to begin. First, I usally don't try to wade into these types of conversations but this ones getting too good to pass up.
As for the cruise industry they will survive the lawsuit barrage unless the blood sucking lawyers can get 12 people together on a jury and convince them to look at the giant company instead of the law suit itself (But of course getting a couple of million for spilling hot coffee on oneself, anything is possible) Therein lies the problem, its not so much the the people that sue (what have they got to lose) its the people who sit on the juries. How in the world you can award these types of judgements is beyond me, but then again the lawyers are good......
As for big oil and fuel prices, let's put it this way. If the cruise lines could fill their ships at $2000 per passage why in the world would they sale the same passage for $1000 dollars. When we pull up to the pumps in our SUV's and large pickups and pump $80 to $100 worth of fuel into them and just complain about it why would big oil sale for $2 dollars a gallon when they can get $3. Until the American buyer stands up and not only says enough but changes our habits it will only get worse. How far it goes is up to us. Herein lies the second problem, Its always someone eles fault, big oil is gouging us, its not that we are extremely wasteful of this resource and haven't had the courage to stand up and demand more altnertive fuel choices.
Now I've vented, I hope that I haven't stepped on anyones toes. You can see why I don't jump in more often :o
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