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The exam you are refering to is aimed at men who turn 40....hmmmm anyone we know? Just so that person kind of feels like a freighter going through the eye of a needle!
Ok explain where I mentioned myself receiving an exam! Would you like the number of the MD who has performed my last 13 physicals that I receive yearly and ask him if he has performed any exam like this!

If you have come on this board to be argumentative I will let you know it is not welcome here. If you are trying to be humerous and we are not getting it than it is all in the way you deliver it. Everyone on here knows we kid with each other. If you are looking for an argument start a new thread and i'll be happy to come over and argue with you. more than likely with what I say the thread will get deleted so don't waste your time. Having said that are you being humerous or argumentative? if it's the former than forget I said anything but my advice to you would be to at least throw a smiley face at the end of the post .if it is the latter than please start another thread! So if you have you come in to be a friend on the it's official thread and help the others gang up on me then welcome!
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