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Originally Posted by Cruise Cynic
And policemen. firemen and FBI guys wear their uniforms also. Don't forget the nurses and doctors and electricians and plumbers. Where does it stop? Thay all want to be heroes.... and get a handshake, free drinks and a chick or two also...

I want to shake the hand of the servicemen who doesn't wear his dress uniform everywhere. That's the common hero.
I must strenuously object to your post. To compare the military to plumbers and electricians is unfair and makes light of the sacrifices they all have made in both war and peace. I happen to be proud of the 21 years I spent in the US Air Force. I am looking forward to the day that I can fit back into my mess dress (getting pretty close) and wear it during a formal night. It is my right and I earned that right. For 21 years I went whereever I was told, whenever I was told to go. I went to great places and some places I never cared to know existed. I also resent the intimation that our only motivation to wear our uniforms is to get free drinks and score with the chicks.

God bless the service men and women around the world.

I remain quite proudly

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