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Originally Posted by Fruitcake
You can buy a bucket of beer at the aft pool on the Zuiderdam.
We sailed in May of 2005 -- the price was about $11/bucket for domestic. I think a little higher for Corona.
You got 4 bottles.

While the drink of the day is fun, I always make sure they don't use "pre-mixed" and ask that it be hand poured.
I agree with you on the drink of the day; as for the cost of a bucket of beer: I have a gut feeling what you paid in spring of last year and what they are charging now may be a little different. All the lines seem to be jacking up the booze prices while cracking down on any smuggling bottles on board. Guess they got us coming and going. I have a client that just ordered a bar set up for her transatlantic sailing on Celebrity in October. Last year; $standard brands with mixes were $45.00: now they are either $55 or $60. I am not sure which she said. If they are getting $60 for a bar set up, I can imagine what they are charging for drinks. I am about to order our bar set up in the next few weeks on HAL for November, I want to get a decent rate. NMNita
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