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Originally Posted by Happy Camper
We rarely splurge on a balcony. Our first was 10 years ago on the Panama Canal full transit cruise - need a balcony on this one and then the only other one was last December in an "aft" balcony. I had been wanting one and was able to snatch one at a "decent" price - still about $250 per person more than an outside but had been wanting one so we did it. Also it was on a western caribbean route we have done 11 times...

We loved it and really enjoyed it - expecially me - hubby did not like that I got up every morning at 6am to make coffee and sit on the balcony and watch the sun rises.... We are to sleep in on vacation don't you know!!! One morninn - the moring we docked in Roatan Honduras the roosters were crowing so loud- it sounded like there were hundreds of them! At night was wonderful - we sat out one night and watched all the falling stars.. Was this worth $500 more???? Yes - but we are sailing in an outside this cruise. Money is tight and we just love to cruise mainly... You'll have a blast no matter what - first cruise I might go for an outside and then you will know either way. By the way I sit in the window sills of the outside cabins and have a glass of wine - that is nice too... Debbie
Debbie, great idea; go outside first and judge from there. I too love to have my coffee on the balcony, but we love cruising and can't always afford to splurge so I do the balcony. like I have said with DD who loves them and with DH we do take outside guaranteed. If we get upgraded wonderful, if not, no biggie. NMNita
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