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We sailing from the Canaries to Senegal (one day stop) to Brazil on the Silver Wind in November. While applying for our visas, I emailed our local Brazilian Consulate directly. If the Brazilian Consulate says you need the certificate, you have to get one to enter the country. They responded the same day. They said that I didn't need the certificate coming from Senegal on a cruise. This was contrary to what their website said (which was a little vague) but consistent with what the CDC said. My husband and I are going to risk it and not get the shot. In Chicago we have to go to a special dr. and it is a pain plus adds to the expense. I looked up the infection rates for travelers in the large metro areas and it is extremely low. We aren't going into the jungle. We are just stopping in ports. We will be taking the anti-malarials (much higher infection rates) and getting our shots updated. I have a current tyhphoid and Hepatitus A immunization. There are mosquitoes even in big cities. Think about mosquitoes in Central Park... Anyway, I have never been sorry that I took anti-malarials (despite the yeast infection side effect) because I don't seem to get sick from the food while on them. My last trip everyone else got sick from the food on the plane. I didn't!
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