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you will be singing the love boat theme as I did. Walking down the halls in the middle of the night. Also some people try to pick out little bitty nit picky things to complain about. Most do not but they are the some that do. My suggestion is look out over the waters and see the miracle out there and enjoy it.

The most helpful advise though is dont forget your motion sickness pills. Although your ship may be huge and you may not feel anything, just take it as a precaution. I usually stop taking mine about the second day because I forget. My wife takes hers the whole time. A good friend told me, "why wait til your sick and after all the money you spent. Just take the pill or get the patch and you have no worries.But I want to mention Carnivals ships are built with stabilizers and you hardly feel anything. Most of the time tou are so busy that you forget your on a ship. Its a floating wonderful city. Have fun guys and make sure you give us details when you return.
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