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Originally Posted by rosetattoo
We had a heavy smoker in our room prior to one of our cruises and we could not get the smell out for the entire week. We had our Room Steward remove the bedspreads, re-wash the linen, new pillows, spray, etc. It was a horrible experience and we spent a lot of time on the open decks but still had to sleep there (no other staterooms available to transfer to). From that cruise on, we always booked a balcony stateroom just in case we had a heavy smoker(s) prior to our cruise (at least we can open the door to air it out). Walking the smoker's gauntlet thru the Cigar Bar to get to the Internet Cafe is always challenging (I usually bring a towel to hold over my mouth or nose). The Casino is the big problem for me, the smoke seems to hang in the air and has me gasping for fresh air after only a few minutes. If I go to the Casino at all, I try to go as soon as it opens in the morning, less people, less smoke....and, I love to gamble. I definitely think the cruiselines are losing a lot of money that would otherwise be spent in the Casino by non-smokers because of the horrendous smoke problem.
Smoking just makes it miserable for all us non smokers. Carnival needs to enforce their rules for smokers smoking in non smoking areas. I never see them say anything to smokers not following the rules. Where are the non smokers rights?
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