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I have some questions about some list items...

9. Take the tour of the galley

On a ship, isn't the galley the kitchen? Special treats and samples of food? Explain.

10. They have an early and late night seating as well as captain’s party...take advantage of both for double free drinks.

When / where is this? Also do you mean free Alcoholic drinks? Please explain.

13. Ask for your drink in a plastic cup (not the fancy one ) saves $$$

Ask for these cups where when you get a drink? Bar? Buffet? Explain.

14. You may be able to eat free lunch at the places they charge for dinner

Do you mean shore excursions or times on the ship when people are gone on excursions?

25. Sit close at the port talks sometimes they toss out free stuff

Is this on the ship or while waiting on shore for excursions?

28. Early and extra tips for stewards = more perks for you

What kind of perks so I can gauge if it's worth it :P

29. You can order free drinks from the bar in the room at Captains dinner as opposed to those on the tray.

Where / when is this? And again, you you mean free alcohol?

35. Use a magnet to trick the balcony door into thinking its closed to keep the air on

Why anyone would like to have A/C on AND a door open is beyond me

36. Most ships have a secret door...find it

OK, this one HAS to be elaborated on, I have heard it many times, but a magical door to where?

OK, that's it please

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