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Originally Posted by LisaK
that is a very good point, that information should be readily available somewhere on the web site. If you booked with a TA she/he should have told you that infants were not allowed in the pools, or your PVP should have mentioned that fact to you.
I have seen parents sit on the edge of the pool with baby on their lap, and they gently drizzle baby with water just to cool baby off. Technically baby isn't in the pool, and baby has a diaper on. Have also seen the quick dunk just to get the "piggies" wet. Either way i think this would be ok?
good ideas -- so glad I asked here!

we're also wondering, if we let him walk in the splash pool (but his diaper is not in the water), that should be okay, you think? That's all he likes to do, anyway, is walk around and splash his hands in the water. He *hates* to sit in water.

If not, sitting on the edge with him should work great, then dh & I can still be at the pool togetehr and take turns keeping baby happy. Good idea!

You guys are all so helpful here!!
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