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Default Re: any one ever met and married?

Originally Posted by Sarahkathrin
Marrying another crew member is bad news unless you are from the same country. The visa situation, the decisions on where you will live. Everyone wants to be in the U.S. so you have to be very careful. You never really know when someone loves you or wants to be in the U.S. its really like that. I know a few people who went through that and they are just recovering, so be careful out there. Trust no one, literally. You are on your own on the ocean, with no one to really get your back. Its not that you can't fall in love, but its like working on a movie set or a play. When you are that close to people, you tend to fall in love fast and you aren't sure if its the real thing. A few months is not enough time to really know that person. I suggest taking a few contracts to figure it out, don't rush into anything. There are so many people on these ships coming and going. Some people have a new boyfriend/girlfriend on each ship and they all claim to fall in love every time. See what I mean??

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I must say that I think your post is full of BS (exuse the language)
Me (norwegian 1st officer) and my wife (filipino cruise staff) met 6 years ago and have been hapily married for 4. I can with 100% certainty assure you that none of us has a wish to stay in the US. In fact we wake up every day feeling great knowing we don't have to travel to that country anymore.

Anyway, my wife and I met on the SS Norway and we are still madly in love. I have never ever regret marrying her and we thank NCL every day for bringing us together, not to mention their cooperative attitude when I changed ship and she also was granted a transfer.
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