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I just wanted you to know that I am now booked on the October 15 cruise that goes to Egypt with stops in Jordan and around the Arabian Peninsula to Dubai.

I am getting off before it goes to Dubai simply because I cannot be away from the job during those 5 days at sea, but I am looking foeward to this vacation very much.

I think SS did not cancel the cruise because they are in a wait and see mode, choosing not to change anything unless it seems to be warranted. Things do change quickly over there.

One thing I am sure of is that SS will provide us with the best guides available and I am personally not worried at all for my safety.

When I toured Israel with Renaissance many years ago, the gude we had was an ex-military personnel with many years of training. Though he was very low-key and performed his job well as a tour guide, we also knew at the same time that we was always looking both directions and sizing up everyone who came into close proximity to us.

Let's be realistic - These countries are highly dependent upon tourism for their economy. These are the locations of the wonders of the world. Millions of tourists go there every year, and millions of people live in cities like Cairo. Of course there is a small chance something dangerous could occur, but I would think that is more likely to happen to someone going through a cheap tour operator, not a company like Silversea.

When I was in Israel, it turned out it was the same week Clinton was trying to bomb Osama Bin Laden in Afganistan. We didn't even know who he was then, but of course we were concerned. It didn't seem to change our tour plans at all. When we were in Jerusalem we heard a bomb had gone off in Gaza (common these days, not so much back then). We wondered what that would mean until we saw the pople in the city milling about - life going on as normal.

That kind of danger is a part of life there, and so is knowing how to avoid it. For the most part the general citizenry lives a normal life and knows how to avoid trouble. I am not expecting Silversea to take us through Hezbollah territory on the way to Petra, if you get my drift.
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