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Please be aware that "Luxury Cruise Talk" -- a board created and hosted by a travel agency that specializes in RSSC cruises -- seems to attract RSSC aficionados. From what I can tell, many (if not most) of the individuals who use that site are very enthusiastic and repeat RSSC cruisers. You may not get a very accurate, objective picture there.

There is one other site with message boards that attract a lot of comment on the individual cruise lines and it seems to be a more generalized site about cruising than luxurycruisetalk (I can provide a name if requested). It may have been the one you visited. If you look at the message board on that site, you will, again, find a fair number of "cheerleaders" for RSSC, just as there are cheerleaders for other lines on their message boards. However, you will also find some very perceptive cruisers there and you will certainly find them here.

The chances are that you will find a more complete picture (both the positive and the negative) by looking at both the message board threads and the reader reviews in that site and this one. Of course, try to read the reviews and message threads carefully to try to gauge the objectivity of the various postings.

In any event, while some of them are plainly "sour grapes," it appears to me that there have been a relatively high number of mildly to strongly negative comments about RSSC, in both reader reviews and in message board comments, over the last several years.
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