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Dean, what a well though out and presented post...Okay maybe I was flying flags too hard here I thank you, and yes nationality should not come into peoples travel plans or life....but I wonder.

How many people have been put off going into places of the world on a cruise ship "safe place" because of something that may or may not effect them. So they go for the safe options, that allow’s these people to place them in that position,,,which is what they want?

But I have some appreciation of that scenario regarding comfort, since the first time I ever landed in the USA was in New York and I was a bag of nerves because of too many US cop shows etc and "NOT" the reality that they did not present. I was walking about expecting to be mugged or shot at every street did not happen.

Yes, I know it could happen if I place myself in the wrong place at the wrong time,,,but in reality or chance no. Since then been back God knows how many times, and I now understand..

All I'm really trying to say is stand up and don’t be put off doing things in life because of the "bogie man"

I would be really interested to hear from those that have taken that view and got on with it and go into the world and also from those cruisers that feel they can book only the "comfort zone" itineraries ie your side of the pond…. Carib etc.

Apart from cost…WHY?
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