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Parrot Mom,

Alll that being said.. what shape is the Galaxy in and how does she compare to the Century...I do know she has a covered about the service, food and entertainment...

I have yet to see a Celebrity ship that was not in good repair. You might occasionally see some evidence of wear on upholstery and carpeting in a public areas if you are aboard a ship that's about due for a yard visit, but that's to be expected even on the luxury lines.

I have not been aboard MV Century, but my cruise aborad MV Galaxy a year ago was about as good as it gets. The only amenity that you won't find aboard MV Galaxy or MV Mercury is a specialty restuarnat. The location of the pizza and pasta bar (starboard side of the Magrodome, labelled as a "grill" on the deck plans) is somewhat strange but it actually works out quite well because there are plenty of tables in the Magrodome area.

Have a great cruise!

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