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Within two hours, we were at the parking lot of the Falls. You can see how popular the excursion is, because even then, the parking lot was getting full. We were met by another tour guide, and she is the one who took us down to the falls, which by the way we couldn't see, and we couldn't hear them. We walked for a little while until we came to the ticket window, and then another guide started with us. Our tickets were already paid, so our guide just handed the cashier our money. At this counter is where you can rent water shoes, because as I said, you can not do the falls without them. As we walk a little further, we started hearing something that we though was the falls. It also started getting very humid. Up to this point, we had not seen water at all. As we came in sight of the falls, we had to take the hand of those in front of us, and those in back. We had to go to the beach area first, and then loop around to get to the bottom of the falls. The first thing I noticed was it was where they taped the James Bond movie. It still looks like the spot after all these years. (They also did part of it, in a place called James Bond Beach) The first thing you notice is the water is ice cold! Soon as you get use to it, though, it feels so good. The next thing you do is look up, and say to your self, or like me out loud,"I can't climb this" I swear it looked straight up. There were also guides all over the place here too. They have on bright yellow shirts, so you can't miss them. I don't know how long it took us to climb, and at one point I thought I couldn't go any further, but I made it. There is a walk way along side of the falls where you can get out and walk, but only one person did that, as far as I could tell.
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