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Sorry!! But I must respond.

1. I pay what the menu says. I assume that my meal is served. I don't assume I must pay the servers salary. I do tip what I feel is deserved.

2. How many times has a person come in and bought a meal and it came tax and all to $9.75 and left you $12.00? Well on that meal you got a 23% tip.

3. If your idea of you need to get paid for your work is right then the next time you go car shopping make sure you buy something or at least give your salesman something for his time. VCar salesman get no pay unless you buy. Then they get a commission. Now I want to tell you something else. Many car salesman get $50.00 to $100.00 when you buy that $15,000 car. I know I was in the business many years.

A tip should not be expected. It should be earned. If your employer really cared for you then they would impose a manditory tip. Then I would get to chose if i wanted to eat in your place of employment.

I can't stand someone bad mouthing me because I choose not to go beyond what I consider a tip.

Once I was eating in a bar/resturant and when I left I left what I thought was a good tip. The server followed me outside and told me my tip wasn't enough. I said I will come back in and correct it. I walked back in and told the owner who I knew I want my tip back. Guess what I got it back and the server got nothing.

Just remember one thing sometimes you get a good tip and sometimes you get a poor tip and sometimes you get someplace in between. How much money did you make when it is all over for the week that is the question. If you think you haven't gotten enough in tips then find another way to make a living.

My wife owns her own business. Most of her business is on Saturday but her lease require her to be open 6 day a week from 8:00 a.m till 5:00 p.m. Most days through the week she doesn't do enough business pay the light bill, rent or give her anything for her time. But if she has a good Saturday she makes good money. She stays in business because she can make $500.00 for herself after expenses each week. As she says, "Somedays she gets the bear and some days the bear gets her but by weeks end she always gets the bear".

Just my thoughts, but I am sick and tired of people telling me how much to tip. I make what I make because I am good at what I do not because I complain about what I make.

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