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Okay, that is done. On the way back, our guide had brought along some show and tell stuff. Different leaves, and fruit from Jamaica. It was very interesting. On the way back we stopped at that same shop, and guess what? the guys had finished cooking. It smelled like what heaven would be. It was jerk chicken, and ribs, and stuff. I don't know if it was because we were so tired and hungry or it was just good, but that was the best chicken. Just as we got back into Montego Bay, we stopped at a strip mall. It is called City Center, and they even offer a tour of it. It's junk. Very expensive junk. Either stay on the bus, or stay close. The bathrooms are up staires. Do not go alone. Take someone with you.
We left there very soon, and went back to the ship. I did not realize how tired I was until we got back. After you get on the ship, go where you can look over the the ship at the dock. There should be a marching band their made up of mostly kids. We threw coins to them, and they have these little bags to catch them in. It was a feel good moment.
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