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Are you looking for cruises with land excursions or a cruise by? And if a land excursion, how many days, and what type of activity?

I watch HAL cruise by excursion from Rio to Valparaiso. I have watched this for years. It is pretty reasonable and still a fun cruise. Probably can get the whole thing from door to door for undeer $5k per person. Although one should be able to get least expensive room for less than $3k per person, by the time things add up you will be at $5k per person.

Now other cruises that actually land on the continent will probably be over $10k per person.

Now my question is: Is it worth $5k to walk around some rock and dirt and see some snow just for braggin rights? The animals can probably be seen in the zoo. I have seen whales and penguins, although a great site, I wouldnt pay $1k to see them.

My plan is to take HAL, maybe share the room, and just tell people I landed on antarctica, who will know the difference. I may even fly up to Barrow or Prudhoe Bay Alaska for a similar sight. Remember these places are about as far north as you will go south, even on the expensive land based excursion.

Just remember, most people can't even spell the continent, much less know anything about it. Try it some time. Just ask someone off the street to spell it. You will be shocked. Note, I did not spell check this posting.

Antarctica, and the Galapagos islands, both very exotic and very expensive to visit.

I have limited funds, if I drove a Hummer or Porche I would be going for sure.

Anyways, I would be very interesting in learing what is worth the extra $5k for the land excursion. Tell me, I may eat pet food (which probably costs more than people food) for 5 years to save up for the trip.

Or if you know a better value than HAL Brazil, Antarctica, Chile cruise, let me know.

happy sailing
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