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Originally Posted by Fruitcake
Sounds like cut and run to me.

DBG should be weighing in soon ...
I presume that was aimed at me. However, since I have said nothing regrettable about Americans or anyone else, it was not a cut and run, but rather a plea to restore sanity to this thread. I do regret that the ONE Canadian who was insulting, is behaving like the 'rude Americans' that she seems to despise.
It is unfortunate, that when topics get heated as this one has, people respond to one post, when it may be several down the line that was the culprit. I too, get offended too easily and just MAY interpret statements with more punch than was actually intended. chances are , if we were all sitting around a table, hearing voice tones, watching facial expressions, listening to voice inflections, this would have remained more civil. With that, I am truly cutting out, as I have much too busy and full a life to spend any more time on message boards, unless I am looking for specific information or have a good answer to someone else's query. Have a nice day.
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