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Default Well, here is what I ran into...

Below is my post on the MOB:

Anyone booked onEcstasy leaving Texas 2/10/07 - 2/15/07 ?
0 ThePurplePrincess 64 Thu Sep 21, 2006 3:09 am

As you can see - I had 64 "LookyLoos" and NOT 1 response.

So not sure if the people who are taking my cruise missed my post or if some of the lookers actually are going on that one and just afraid to respond.

At least I had people read it. I would have been sad without some LookyLoos checking in on it.

*BTW* when I say LookyLoos on here I mean it in a very cordial way and not as a bad thing like in accidents so please do not take offense

Hope this helps!

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