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Default Re: as it relates to cruises

Originally Posted by Texasmunk
So many folks live a daily life of scratch and bite that when they go on vacation, they are so ingrained, they can't help it!

We have probably all met the guy at dinner on a ship that no matter what anyone says, he has done it bigger or getter, no matter what the food offerings, they are inferior, etc.etc.etc.

My personal favorite is the guy shopping to see how good a "deal" you got for your cabin. When you run into him, find out where he is , always tell him you are one deck higher and paid $299.00 per person for the ten day cruise.

Makes them nuts!!!
I made that mistake once-never again.

It turns out this woman was one deck lower then me and in an inside cabin and I was in an ocean view and she paid $200 more! One mad lady! I told her well maybe it was because we had booked only 3 months before when a sale was run and she said even more angry that she booked 9 months ahead and should have got a better price if the price was lowered. I told her to talk to her TA.!

I decided I would never again answer that question! We all have to learn I guess-now the price I paid is right up there with religion and politics. I don't discuss it.
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