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Luanne, thanks for such a fantastic virtual tour. We are booked on the Conquest on May 13, 2007. The two youngest kids will just have finished their college spring semester and our oldest will be meeting us in Houston as he flies in from Phoenix.

I have a few comments about the Dunn's River Falls. First, I totally agree with your recommendation to bypass the shops at the top. When you are leaving the falls, the walkway will come to a "Y." You came from the left when you entered the park and are "encouraged" to bear to the right thru the vendor area. If you want to avoid this area, bear left and go back to the buses (the same way that you came in). The vendors will likely yell to you telling you that you are going the wrong way and that you MUST go thru their area (I'll call it a "gauntlet") BUT YOU DO NOT have to go that way. It is very noticeable which way to go if you want to avoid it.

Regarding the video that they try to sell you ... we actually bought it from the local vendor and were quite pleased with the quality and amount of video he had of our 4 person group. Unfortunately, it was NOT as flattering of me as I hoped it would have been. Guess I had a few too many buffets before the climb.

One final word about the climb ... My 69 year old mom went and she said prior to getting to the falls that there was no way that she would climb, she would just watch (which is fine if that's what you want to do). Once she walked down the paved walkway to the bottom, she decided to try it since there were several areas that she could exit the climb if she decided that she had had enough. She made it all the way to the top with no problem. I truly think that this is one of her proudest accomplishments. I should say that she is definitely NOT a risk taker but she was quite the sport that day. The guides are VERY helpful and very much interested in making sure that everyone gets to the top safe and sound.

Thanks again for such a great tour. We can't wait to go in May.

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