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Default Re: No Beer :(

Originally Posted by Jen&Rich
Not sure why everyone thinks taking a drink into the dinning room is tacky..unless it was in a plastic cup it always seems to take forever to get a drink from the bar while in the dining room. ITS CRUISE PEOPLE!!! RELAX AND ENJOY AND QUIT COMPLAINING!!!
I totally agree with this. Last time on Zuiderdam in Oct '05 I ordered a Chivas on the rocks as soon as we were seated for dinner. I never did get it, even after asking about it several times. I solved that problem from that point forward. I had pre-ordered a bar set up for our suite that included a bottle of Chivas. Every night before dinner, I made myself a drink and took it to dinner with me. I even had the swizzle and napkin, provided with the bar set up. One night, I was even asked if I would like another drink. I said yes, please, I would. He asked what it was, and as expected, I never got it.

Bottom line, the bar service in the dining rooms on HAL ships is bad. At least it was on the one we were on. If you want a drink, you better buy one on the way, or make it yourself. I see nothing tacky about it.

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