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Originally Posted by You
Will I be the only one to admit I have NRVER heard the term serviette?
It's somewhat obscure here in America. Other than in French class, the first time I heard of the term was as a naval officer embarked aboard USS Saipan (LHA-2). One of the ship's officers did a presentation on British customs and terminology for the sailors. One of the points in the presentation was to ask for a "serviette" rather than a "napkin" when eating in a British restaurant because, in Britain, a "napkin" wss "something that a woman wears between her legs." I decided to use the British term rather than the American term only to avoid conjuring up the wrong image for our British members.

Originally Posted by You
Would someone really be upset if the lady is not seated on the right?
Probably not. That rule is one of the more obscure and least problematic. Most current and former military and naval officers probably are aware of it because it's in the textbooks on etiquette and protocol in the officer training programs and people who go to "finishing schools" or elite academies also would be aware of it because that's what such schools are about, but most other people probably are not. It's also a rule whose violation causes absolutely no problem whatsoever. OTOH, nobody learns if the information isn't posted just because it's less critical than some other information. There's also an reality that, for better or worse, those who are "in the know" notice these details and form impressons of others accordingly, so posting such details may help some CruiseMates to make a more favorable impression on their tablemates.

Originally Posted by You
As I have mentioned before, as above posters have also mentioned, we play musical chairs at the table..A different ear, a different vantage point in the dining room, makes for a nice change nightly.
There's no problem with that, as I have noted in an earlier reply. My original post assumed that couples sat together, as that is what has happened at my tables on nearly all of my cruises. In my experience, couples who move around to talk with different tablemates tend to do so as couples rather than individually.

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