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Hi Libragirl,

With pleasure..ok let me try to get it by "style"

Sea Food: "La Conchinita del Caribe" on 65th south (good quality and very fair price, very popular for locals), Albinos on 20th north (nice setting on second floor with palapa, fresh sea food and other type available, fair price), La Conchita on calle 12 (good at fair price, more popular in evening), Lobster Hourse in Hotel Zone North (only in the evenings, great lobster and crab...also steaks).

Mexican: La Choza, one block from plaza/center (traditional mexican food, good quality), las tortugas on 30th south (great food! mostly mexican and also international, popular for locals, some is pricy but fair), El Pique on 65th (only in the evenings after 7PM local) tacos in town, as well as Casa Denis at main square (1/2 block) great traditional and polular food at very fair prices...

US:....Kellys Bar Restaurant one block from the plaza (good food, close to american prices..but worth it..TV's, etc.), Bianca and Jordinis at the plaza downtown (international and mexican food, good and very fair).

Beach: Coconuts on "the other side of the island", paradise setting on a little hill directly on the water...excellent!!, Chen Rio also offers great fresh sea food directly on the beach.

Hope this helps Libragirl...enjoy cruising !!
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