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We’re not looking for people to be 'exactly' alike...we are looking for similarities, a common ground to start a conversation...perhaps a friendship.

Most of us enjoy variety in friends and in life, BUT you need a base; a foundation to start with...some sort of commonality. It can be work, similar family background, education, sports or music...

When we chose a cruise line...(which we have talked about extensively here) we are looking for a 'base' passenger draw with similarities to us. (NOT LIKE US!)

This is why some passengers at certain stages of their life find they now prefer HAL or Princess cruises...while other’s with children or young couples prefer Carnival, RCCI or Disney.

Other passengers prefer the more expensive Windstar or Crystal cruises. It’s not because they’re snobs, although some may be, but because they like being around people with the same ‘mindset’.

That said, I guess we are all hoping that in 'finding' the perfect passenger base...this would increase our chances of 'good' passenger interaction'! But the reality is, good manners and courtesy seem to going the way of the ‘Passenger Pigeon’ (no pun intended) at all levels of society.

We are ever hopeful of better!
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