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Originally Posted by Fieldmouse
Just saw a commercial for Marriott Hotels...ALL are now non-smoking!

With the growing cases of COPD and asthma in both children and adults...this is happening none to soon.

A small additional comment:

Yes, a person has a right to use their remaining heartbeats the way they chose. But smoking around non-smokers can be compared to a person attempting to commit suicide by setting fire to a bldg. filled with other people. He doesn't ask if anyone else wants to die, if their depressed, or if they care to be burned to his selfishness, he makes that decision for them.

There is PLENTY of evidence that cig. smoke is dangerous, especially to babies, young children, and anyone with a compromised immune system. There are cancer patients and survivors who while cruising don't want to place themselves in any situation that might further impede their recovery or safety.

Some Smokers have to think rethink their need for immediate gratification.
Also the Great Wolf Lodges are all non smoking and they are always full. They are a success at the smoking ban. The lodge imposes a $250 to a $500 clean up fee if anyone is caught smoking. Carnival could survive just as well without the smokers. Great class Great Wolf!
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