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Originally Posted by nmnita
Our reasons for cruising NCL? unlike Fern, we have usually had great cabin stewards, but that isn't our reason for cruising them: we love freestyle and love NCLs itineraries compared to most other linew. Another plus, after just sailing HAL we realize how high the Energy level is on NCL, both the cruisers and the crew. We like the firendly crew and the relaxed atmosphere. NMnita
Just love that comment Nita about the EMERGY . Took a tour of the Amsterdam one day and found it suffocatingly stuffy..whereas NCL is light and brtight... does that make sense.. One of the great reasons for NCL is the Free Style Dining, second and best of all is that we are 30 to 45 minutes from the port. This maynot be important to some people but our experience going out of Miami twice was so horrendous I've sworn never to do it again.. I'd rather fly to Europe then get on a ship.. As for the food.. that is a whole another story, entertainment can be really good... I love some of the production numbers.. Parrot Pop says i hold grudges... I do.. and we went on the Carnival Fascination once..and the moment we got on board I had never been on a cruise ship where the wait staff poitned to us where to get water or a hot dog...not to mention there were no amenities in the cabin and I swear to you.. and this is the truth....that one night for supper we had to wait after everybody else was gone for almost an that the steaks that had been on the menu could be cut and cooked.. People tell me things have changed...but I hold one day.
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