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Originally Posted by HowAreYou
Noo I would never say something like that. I fell in love with Capri in Italy. And, the water in greece is absolutely gorgeous too. Just for me and my mother when we go to another country it's to SEE the other country. If we wanted to just be on a beach the entire time we could do that for much cheaper. lol. And, villages are nice but they arent as entertaining to us as they are to other people. I remember when we end up in villages in other countries that are part of the tour. We end up walking through it for about 15 minutes and then just sitting and drinking coffee because we saw the village and theres nothing else to do. Most villages in Europe now have been so "tourist-i-fied". lol I just made that up to describe it because, in soo many villages its just shop after shop after shop and then somewhere in the middle you have a cafe. And, those shops aren't even interesting to look in because they usually just crappy cheap tourist stuff that no one needs. Even though I do buy a whole bunch of tourist stuff (I mean who doesn't)..but, after 4234908234 times of the same thing it's a little annoying. lol.

That's all I meant about that villages and beaches are everywhere. Unlike history, and fascinating things to see. Like castles, and cathedrals from different times. That beats villages and beaches by a billion times. We it does for me at least.
You will have time to do both, yes, seeing things like museums and castle are fasinating, but beleive me they too, all just like beaches and villages. We did Madrid with several side trips. The last castle, I can't remember where we skipped. You see one, they all are pretty much alike. Spain is a fascinating place to visit. As for villages, and the same old junk, you might be surpised at what you will see from in these shops. There are great deals on Mallorcan pearls and LLadros. Sure you will find the T shirts, mugs, etc, but Spain has much else to offer in the "bring home catagory". they also have great brandy at very good prices compared to the USA. Nmnita
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