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Default Looking for cruiseMATE! My treat!

I realize this is the TEEN cruising section, and I am addressing this to the 18+ TEENS! I am looking for someone cool and new to go on a cruise with me! I went on my first cruise a couple months ago, and the only thing I regret is not bringing a girl with me.

Whats up I am a 22 year old male from the SF Bay area, CA! . I am 5'7 165 lbs, and I have plenty of pictures AND myspace for anyone whos interested in seeing some pictures of me. I am not bad looking at all, but I will not post my pictures on cruisemates. This is what I have to offer, and the reason for my positng; I am going to be scheduling a cruise for the Caribbean here in a couple of weeks, the cruise will be a couple months off, and I am looking for a girl who would like to go with me. This cruise willl be paid for by me (Unless of course your totally interested in paying for yourself) and EVERYTHING needed for the cruise will be paid for.

A little about myself; as I said I am 22 years old and a recent college graduate. I work in Real Estate and make pretty good money. I am not a weirdo or anything else like that, like most people on craigslist are. I like to party, drink, and smoke 420. However I am respectable.

A little about the person I am looking for; someone around my age, female, and looking to have a good time and see where things lead. Someone open minded, likes to party, drink however 420 isnt a must, but MUST be able to tolerate it, as I will probably buy some in Ports we visit.

I am looking for someone to go with me so early because we need time to get to know each other to see if were compatable and will get along for 7 days sharing a room and a bed. I am looking for a strickly platonic friend that might be interested in seeing what happens over the course of our friendship and cruise. A cabin mate if you will. It should be fun, you can check out or to see the possibilities of ships and such.....I am leaning towards the Caribbean Princess, as I have been on that ship before. Well, You can contact me via email on here, or check me out my myspace at and lets see what happens, I have myspace, so send me your link. Or reply in the board here!
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