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Ohhhh an English person!!

Thankyou for the reply!! Im glad you say they are treated well and we get full ship privillages.. i got told a few ships dont give even deck privilages, how boring would that be!!

Shame its not "glamerous" as the others, is one thing i was excited about lol!

I know that her stops are Freeport and Nassau still, is the weather rather warm throughout the whole year? (daytime?) Id love to get a tan on days off lol

Unfortunately Steiner dont pay for a hotel, we pay for hotel and transfers until the ship, they pay for our training and accommodation before, and also the flight to Miami!

Are there any bad points about "a steiner" i should know? Like does everyone get on with everyone or do they just tend to stick with themselves?

I hope not as i love socialising!

Also, sorry for all the questions!! I am 19, does this mean no alcohol as im not 21 over there?

Thanks for the help!!! Xx
12/2/07 - Steiner UK for training
12/3/07 - Contract begins for "Carnival Fantasy"
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