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Originally Posted by You
I've been informed round-trip transfers from Miami airport to the ship cost $28/person. We're curious if it's best to go ahead and do this or just hire a taxi to transport us. It's just me and hubby - so 2 adults.
I honestly don't know what the taxi fare would be, but it probably will come to more than $28 each way when you include a tip.

And if you are staying in a hotel in Miami before the cruise, you need the transfer only one way so the price will be only $14/person.

I understand there will be 1 formal, 2 informal and 2 casual dining nights. Hubby and I do not own any formal wear. If he wears a dark suit and I wear a dressy black velour pants and jacket with a silky blouse, will this be acceptable for the formal night? Does anyone know if there is a standard schedule as to which nights will be formal, etc.?
Your husband's DARK suit is fine.

I'm not so sure about your black velour pants. A full length skirt worn with a silk blouse and a jacket would be okay. Or, if you have a nice dress that you wear to weddings, funerals, and office Christmas parties, that also will work.

Originally Posted by You
We're renting an Avis rental car. I believe there is a place near our hotel where it could be returned instead of taking it back to the airport.
Be careful. Under rental car company rules, returning the car to a different location than where you rented it may constitute a "one way" rental and therefore be subject to an additional charge.

Originally Posted by You
Do you know if the hotel or anywhere near there might have shuttles to the ship?
Many hotels do have shuttle services that will transport passengers to nearby airports and often also to nearby shopping centers and restaurants. If so, the shuttle probably also will take you to the cruise terminal if it's nearby. Check with your hotel for details.

And if your hotel has an airport shuttle, you might save money by taking the shuttle to the hotel when you land and renting your car at the location near your hotel. Airports often impose surcharges on car rentals to cover the cost of facilities at the airport, and the car rental companies pass those charges on to their customers. By renting "in town" rather than at the airport, you avoid these airport charges.

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