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Irish Shark,

Originally Posted by You
"Best Answer - Chosen by Asker

January and February are the beginning of the summer season for Panama. Panama only has two seasons, winter and summer."

"Panama has two seasons, the rainy and the dry. The dry season lasts mid-December–mid-April and is Panama’s “summer.? "
You get the point.
Congratulations. You have proven that some people who post on Yahoo are full of misinformation.

Factually, the summer in the entire northern hemisphere is from the solstice in June to the equinox in September, and Panama is in the northern hemisphere.

And also factually, the weather in the tropics does not change much. On islands in the tropics, high temperatures tend to be in the mid-80's and low temperatures tend to be around 70, both Fahrenheit, all year. On continents, daytime highs may be about ten degrees higher. The summer does tend to be considerably more humid than the winter, though.

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