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Liberty - Jan. 13

Today’s the last day of the cruise

And for Mrs. Kuki and I, and some other CruiseMates, the last day of back to back cruises. It really has been a superb time on both cruises in so many ways. When traveling we’ve come to know that nothing is going to be perfect. You’ve really struck gold when by trip’s end your great memories far outweigh any of the minor annoyances and glitches you encounter along the way. And for us, on these two cruises we’ve found a bonanza of gold!

It’s one of the joys of our lives with CruiseMates; being fortunate to meet so many wonderful people, make wonderful friends, and then get to cruise with them every once and awhile. And while we’re at we get to meet new friends each time… and often get to cruise with them again at a later date. To me, this is the very basis of what forming the CruiseMates Group Cruise Program was all about; meeting great people who form our own affinity group- cruise lovers. We truly have a wonderful Community, on CruiseMates… and the more of you I meet the more that thought is validated

I have to admit, with the way the ship’s been bouncing around the past 24 hrs. or so I’ll be glad when that part stops. (Dan told us that these are the roughest days he’s seen since he’s been on the ship).

We woke up to blue skies and much calmer seas this morning as we make our way to our last port of call in Nassau. The decks were abuzz with the sun seekers; especially all those who know they’re heading to colder northern climes tomorrow.

Prior to the cruise, I had looked at our itinerary, though not close enough to note our arrival times. In Nassau, you can book a room at the Comfort Suites Hotel, directly across from the famed Paradise Island Resort, and by doing so, you get access to all of the facilities that the guests at Paradise Island are able to use, but visitors are not.

We thought we’d book a room for 4 at the Comfort Suites, and then use all of the Paradise Island facilities for the day, and the cost split 4 ways wouldn’t be any more than a tour. However, yesterday someone mentioned that we don’t get into Nassau until 1 P.M. and we leave at 8 P.M. With time involved to get to Comfort Suites, check in, and get over to Paradise Island, and the time necessary to get back to the ship, we decided we’d only have 2-3 hrs. to enjoy Paradise Island. Therefore we made the decision to cancel the room reservation. But I believe for cruise passengers who’s ship’s stay in Nassau longer, booking this hotel is certainly a pretty good option, to get to experience and use facilities at Paradise Island which aren’t accessible to other non guests of the facility.

Elaine.. I'll talk to Nichole and Andrew tonight to see if they are still going to be on the ship.
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