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Default Best Money Saving Cruise Tip Ever!!!!

This could be the best money saving tip ever!

Travel Guard salespeople will lie to you to get your business!!!!! They just denied my wife and I a claim for $8,000.00!!!!! BEWARE, the salespeople intentionally do not tell you the whole truth when purchasing a policy. If you have a medical issue they won't always pay your claim EVEN if you have a doctors excuse!! They will fight your claim. Travel Guard salespeople will LIE to you and tell you a doctors excuse is all that's needed to get paid on a claim, they intentionally make it sound very easy, what they don't tell you is there are many, many stipulations involved. This is truly an unprofessional and underhanded company that tries to hide the truth from you so you will buy their insurance.
After you agree with the salesperson, commit to the policy and pay for it, they send you a packet with the real truth 2 WEEKS later! My mistake was taking the salesperson at face value. I was very thorough with the salesperson on the phone and felt all our bases were covered under any situation and felt there wasn't any reason for concern. Stupid and very costly mistake on my part, I guess it’s my fault for allowing them to rip me off but I thought this was a reputable company! I was very wrong; they are probably like a lot of companies these days “take the money and run?. They bury the truth so deep you don't see it until your money is gone. Don’t let Travel Guard's deceptive practices take your money too, ignore what the slimy salesperson says and ask for a copy of the policy BEFORE you pay them. Better yet, don’t support a company that will lie and try to hide the truth from you, they shouldn’t be allowed to take advantage of people this way, very sneaky business. Travel Guard got our $600.00, Carnival got our $8,000.00 and I got to stay home this sumer with a heart condition.

Does anyone know of an attorney that handles travel insurance litigation?
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