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EEEK Cynic.. that's quite a bonanza (in only a dozen years) that you missed out on.

In about that same time frame ... about 12 or so years ago, some people building a golf course, with an air supported dome to be used as the city's indoor driving range in the winter months, approached me to run and lease the food and beverage operations at the facility. I worked out a sweetheart lease (because no one knew how winters with the dome would do), and I took in a working partner as I was tied up with the hotel/bar full time.

We built the interior of the restaurant and half way shack for snacks, and bought a beverage cart to run on the course, and the place did GREAT from the get go.

About 7 years ago my working partner got into a sqaubble with the golf course owners, and they made an offer to buy us out, and my partner wanted to accept it. We had an agreement where I could have just bought him out... and no doubt I could have got along with the owners.

At the time I had a bunch of other "stuff" occupying my time and mind, and I just agreed to the sale, and did OK. HOWEVER, there's NO question I should have just bought out my partner, and hired a manager to operate the place.

The place is still operating, and still doing great. In the time that's passed I'd have already made at least twice what I did on the sale, in profits, and now that we've sold the bar, I'd have a pleasant, profitable place to hang my hat, and wouldn't be out looking for something new. Ah well!

OHHH.. and my ex partner who attributed all the success of the place to himself, bought a regular restaurant where he had to compete with every other restaurant in town, and went bankrupt within 3 years. (the key to the golf course, of course, was/is the locked in clientele delivered by the golf)

Missed opportunities can drive you nuts. Guess that's what happened to both of us Cynic
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