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Originally Posted by rinker250
Thanks Rick.

Fieldmouse, sorry, grabbing your arm is not assault. Take it down a bit.
Hummmmm...let's see, had it been you walking and a man grabbed your arm and jerked you backwards with a provacative would you have reacted? Would you have just smiled and waited to see what he was going to do next? Or would you have warned him take his hands off of you in a firm manner?

Had it been your wife or girlfriend, and a complete stranger, a woman OR man grabbed her by the arm in an unprovoked gesture...and you saw the incident, how would you react? Unconcerned? Or would you react quickly, making it clear they need to 'back off'! Remenber, this is a stranger, you don't know what they're thinking or if the situation is going to escalate. You need to let them know quickly you are in command of yourself and the situation. (that is...if you are!)

Since I'm a woman, and it was ONLY a woman who grabbed my arm, should I have felt less threaten as she tighten her grip?

I think not...A strange woman grabs my arm, jerks me backwards without any provocation! She dosen't know me and I certainly didn't know her.

Again, certainly for my safety, and hers too...she needed to be reminded that she has no right to put her hands on anyone without their permission, especially when it could lead to a potentially volatilel situation.

You are right in this respect...we should chose our battles wisely...not over-reacting to every little thing...BUT women especially need to be careful not to UNDER-REACT when they feel uncomfortable or threaten.
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