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Interesting you should mention Versailles. That was our biggest disppointment. Very little of the palace is open to the public. What is open is just about empty. To top it off the Hall of Mirrors was closed for renovation when we were there. The gardens are HUGE but nothing is marked in ANY language. It would be interesting (to me) to know the whys and wherefores about the many different statues, fountains, terraces, and small gardens, etc. We entered thru this kind of turnstyle gate to one side of the palace and were completely on our own. Not even a paper map or pamphlet. Confusing and BORING.

MRYGirl... that was not my experience, we saw the entire palace, which as i rexcall consisted of maybe three different tours. There was the main area with the hall of mirrors, then there were the bedchamber areas of Louis XV!, and finally we saw the theater (beautiful) etc.

The grounds - we found maps showing us what is what. The Napolean thing you mentioned sounds interesting to me.
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